Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Taco Bell Swot

What can Taco Bell do to re-invent themselves for the better?

·         Offering Culture food besides often fast food places that give out burgers and fries
·         Inexpensive
·         Filling
·         Appealing design logo
·         Double- Decker tacos
·         Facebook Updates offering deals
·         Much healthy foods
·         Not Clean
·         Not enough advertisements
·         Not enough stores
·         Not bringing in enough clientele
·         Always hiring
·         Meat causing a lawsuit putting a bad name for the company
·         Reaching out to youths that may have not experienced taco bell yet
·         Looking into Cloud Computing
·         Consumers are always looking to try the newest thing when looks appetizing
·         Advertising, a lot of people are unaware that they are trying to make their food healthier
·         Twitter and Facebook very popular in advertising
·         Anyone really that decides that they want to start a Mexican style fast food place
·         Closing due to health safety, food taste, loss of clients etc.
·         Right now they are kind of their own threats because there not in competition with other Mexican style fast food places and really right now they are hurting themselves

Recommendations & Implementations

Taco Bell doesn’t even realize the kind of opportunities that they have. To start they need to work on advertising better and putting themselves out in the social world. Like Twitter. They already do have pretty good advertisements on their Facebook page but they can’t stop there. Frequent updates on twitter offering prizes and such would help attract people to their locations.
Once people are in their locations they just need to work on their food. Maybe they need to consider not making their locations a fast food place. If being a fast food place means that they have to cut corners on their food to make it as tasteful and healthy as possible then there is no sense in risking the company’s name. If they work on making their food more appetizing then they will definetly see an increase in customers.
Cleanliness is a huge part in making them successful. No one wants to walk in a dirty establishment and expect to eat their food.                                                                                                                                                      Make it more appealing. They need to be like McDonalds but try to be better. Offer stuff for kids or make their meals fun so that they love them and force their parents to go there. If they can make the way they serve to kids an eye opener and make it fun for them there would be no doubt that they would want to comeback. Like serving meals in a little basket or making the lids to their drinks a little sombrero just to make it appealing to younger children, creating the family dinning experience.
If Taco Bell wants any success in the future they need to make a lot of changes.

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